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We've had a bit over the past few days. We
Were on our way to Norwich yesterday morning, and within two mins of a light snow flurry starting, the road was totally covered and we had to turn around and cone home.

When we got home, it snowed for another quarter of an hour, stopped, the sun came out and it was all gone.

Either snow or don't snow, but don't fuck with me like this.

I hate the snow. Especially out in the middle of nowhere wher I stupidly chose to live. Old people die, sick people can't get to hospital. It's crap. I'm not with the "yay, snow!" brigade. When you live in a rural location with no shops for miles, snow complicates things further.

However, I dreading something I have to go to tomorrow, so a hefty dose of the stuff tonight would be grand.

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My child is 8 years old today

Where the hell has the time gone???

He had a party yesterday.

Lady McSmug the mini smugs were here.

Lady McSmug trying to steal my friends and mini master McSmug is stealing all of
B's. I know I sound 12, but it's true.

She's a turd and I want to step on her and wipe her on my doormat.

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Lady McSmug AGAIN

I promisedyswlf I wouldn't give the snug bitch anymore headspace, but I can't help it.

She's turned me into an angst ridden thirteen year old because she is stealing my friends.

Seriously, she is. In real life, I am super nice, so I'd never say anything, but here on the interweb I shall stamp my feet and scream. Facebook and twitter are blue.

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This is getting stupid (and dull). I am letting people get to me again when I really ought not to give a shit.

On the upside, Giles Coren is back on the telly.

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Zombie plan

We restocked the appcolypse bunker (coomonly known as the pantry) today.

The house is full to the rafters with baked beans, kidney beans and lentils.

And many rolls of loo roll, obv.

If zombies attack, we shall do away with them with the power of fart.

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Due to the summer holidays and general business, i've not seen Lady Mc Smug in almost 5 weeks, apart from one, brief meeting. Do you know how happy that has made me?

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Aug. 7th, 2010

Lady McSmug has a new smug car, to add to her other two cars.

I've just had to sell mine as I can no longer afford petrol.

She's ever so cheerful about that. I am saving the full story of our financial woes for a day where she seems a bit down, it will cheer her right up.
This weekend I am going to Birmingham with my freind Becky, and I intend to get totoally and utterly shitfaced and laugh until I feel like puking.

Isle of White Festival - PAUL MCCARTNEY


Phew, had to get that one out. Camping sucks. I hate it. I have never understood people who choose to go camping to some shitty campsite for two weeks as a family summer holiday, now I just think they are barking mad.

The festival was good. Although, thank fuck we had the car with us so we could head off to Tesco for a clean loo and a wash in the mornings. We saw a hell of a lot of the Isle of White while we were there, to kill the hours between getting up and the music staring. We re-christened it the 'Isle of Shite' though, it's pretty enough, but deathly dull. If you lived in a city, you'd think it was wonderful, but it's pretty much the same as what I see out of my bedroom window every morning, fields, small villages and a few beaches. It made me feel a little better about living in the hell hole that is Suffolk actually, because at least I don't have to get on a ferry to get away from the place.

Anyway, OMG PAUL MCCARTNEY. My sole reason for going, the reason why I put myself through four sleepless, freezing cold nights of torture. He was amazing. I love him so much. We got really close to the front, Buddy was overjoyed. Can you believe that some people were leaving to go off and see fucking James?!!! Insane little twats. And do not get me started on all the fuckiwits shouting 'oh my god, hes doing a Guns n Roses cover' when he sang 'Live and Let Die'. Some people have no clue.

Look at some pics of my husband to be. Did I mention that I love him?

May. 31st, 2010

I always dreamed of living in a big old house in the country, with a rambling layout, looking out over fields.

Be really careful what you wish for.

We spend at least two hours a day scubbing the big old rambling house of our nightmares and the old wooden windows have rotted so much that we can't open then anymore incase they crumble and the glass falls out.

I want to live in a little new build that doesn't attract dust like a magnet.